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I’m very proud of my business ,It gives me a great feeling of self worth to be able to contribute to my family not only in a caretaking way but also a small bit of financial support. Part of my business plan is “ you give, you receive”. for even more details about lightning link. Gemstones are not traditional medicine, but some people believe in the wonderful power of healing gemstones. If I do hear of anyone sick, I usually donate a piece of jewelry with the all natural gemstones or a piece of crystal depending on the person and their style. This has proven to me that my purpose is to help people on some level, even if its a small piece of jewelry or stone. And about my shop- Exotic and unique Gemstone Beads and Loose Gemstones created from genuine and natural raw material in beautiful textures and colors to make your jewelry look colorful and trendy 🙂 be Happy Always!!!!

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